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Katy Wilson

katywilsonKaty is a wedding planner and wedding blogger from Dallas, Texas. She enjoys planning weddings, especially when it comes to helping the bride pick the fun stuff like the perfect cake, or prettiest flowers. Katy also knows a lot about fashion, and with her eye for style she can help any bride, or guest, find just the right thing to wear to an upcoming wedding, so feel free to ask for any tips if you want them!. In her personal time, Katy is busy with her family (including a new beautiful baby girl), but lucky for us she stil has time to post great ideas for weddings.

You can contact Katy at: [email protected] or on Google Plus


Catherine Dobben

 catherinedobbenAs part of a large family, Catherine has been around weddings for most of her life. She was the ringbearer at her Aunts wedding when she was 7, and has been hooked on the ceremony, planning, and dresses ever since. Now, Catherine works as a full time wedding blogger for and is happily looking forward to her own wedding in 2014. She’s the proud mom of two great kids!

You can contact Catherine at: [email protected] or on Google Plus



Courtney McCarthy



Courtney has been involved in the wedding business for many years. Growing up with a mother that is well known for her wedding consulting business, Courtney learned a lot about the wedding industry. Currently going to college for a bachelors degree in business management, Courtney spends her spare time with us as a blogger, bringing a lot of great tips, advice and helpful information. Following in her mother’s footsteps and starting her own consulting company and is sure to be another big name in the industry, so be sure to follow her here.

You can contact Courtney at: [email protected] or on Google Plus 






Kelly Hayes





As a personal stylist, and makeup artist, Kelly loves helping brides get ready for their big day, not only with clothes, hair and makeup, but also with whatever else is needed. Kelly has been hired to do just about everything when it comes to weddings: photographer, flower designer, invitation creator,  and entertainment director. In her spare time she likes to cook for her family and go on hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains. You can contact Kelly at: [email protected] or on Google Plus