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10 Places to Find Wedding Koozies

Most couples look for something unique yet useful as a gift for their wedding guests. One fun idea for your guests is wedding koozies. Most people drink something from a can and would use the item to keep their drink cold. Koozies also keep the cans from sweating all over so they are truly useful

10 Great Reasons to Use Gift Registry 360

Gift Registry 360 has been making waves in the wedding world recently, and for good reason. The website is a full service wedding registry platform with products, major brand store affiliation, and the ability to link other registries. If you’ve been thinking about setting up your registry on any other site, think again! Gift Registry

Ten Things I Included in My Registry

Creating a wedding registry is difficult because you have to include things that you want, but that your guests can afford. Often, it is a fine line of balancing the two so that you get items you can use, without overextending your guests pocket books. Of course, you want some bigger items on there too, just to make