Author: Kelly Hayes

10 Online Locations for Photo Wedding Invitations

Choosing invitations for your special day will have you looking at various designs and styles. You will find everything from casual cards to formal and elegant engraved cards. Your choice will depend on several things including the type of ceremony you are planning and personal taste. Many couples decide on photo wedding invitations for their guests. This is

Top Ten Cheapest Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

   Not everyone can afford the $5 million that Jay-Z used to buy Beyonce’s emerald cut engagement ring, but luckily there are some affordable choices of emerald cut engagement rings. Emerald cut stones bring out the brilliance and the beauty of individual stones in a way that other cuts can’t do. Finding a diamond engagement

Top 10 Styles for Wedding Cake Toppers

Everyone knows that the bride is the star of her wedding day. All eyes are on the beautiful woman who radiates happiness. When it is time for the reception, the only thing that comes close to starring next to the bride is her wedding cake. The cake is the centerpiece of the reception. Wedding cake