The Ten Best Wedding Entrance Songs That Will Wow Your Guests

Choosing the best wedding entrance song is an important part of planning any wedding. The bride and groom usually make this choice together, since it is an important one. Wedding entrance songs are normally ones that mean something to them as a couple, or personally. It doesn’t have to be just one song though, instead the couple may decide to use several as a mix to set the mood for the reception. Truly, the possibilities are endless.

Here are the ten best wedding entrance songs that will wow your guests.

10. Hey Ya

“Hey Ya!” is an upbeat song by the group OutKast. The song was released in the year 2003. The most popular line of the song says “Shake it like a Polaroid picture.” The bridal party can use props such as old Polaroid cameras as they are dancing into the song. They could also stop what they are doing and emphasize the famous line of the song.

9. Old Time Rock and Roll

Another great song to use to wow the guests at your wedding is an oldie but a goodie. “Old Time Rock and Roll” is a song by Bob Seger and appeared on his 1978 album Stranger in Town. The song has an upbeat feel that can take guests back to the good ol’ days of rock and roll. The Bridal party can slide into the reception hall just like Tom Cruise did in the movie “Risky Business.”

8. Raise Your Glass

“Raise your glass” is a song by the singer Pink. The song came out in the year 2010 and is a tribute to all her fans for their support. The song is an upbeat modern song that can get the guests ready for a night of fun, drinking and dancing. The bridal party can use prop glasses each time the song says to raise your glass and get the crowd involved.

7. Just Dance

A popular upbeat song that can get the guests up and out of their seats is Lady Gaga’s, “Just Dance.” The song came out in 2008 at the beginning of Lady Gaga’s career. This upbeat song can be played as an entrance song and the couple could have the bridal party choose random guests to get up and dance with them. The bridal party can even use props such as the crazy wigs Gaga wears or outrageous outfits.

6. Thunderstruck

“Thunderstruck” is a song by the popular rock group AC/DC. The song came out in the year 1990. The bridal party can make their entrance using air guitars or blow up guitars. This song will please those who don’t care for hip hop or oldies type songs. This song is an all time popular song to play at sporting events when a team enters the arena.

5. Low

If the wedding party wants to get the crowd up and shakin’ it, the wedding entrance song choice should be “Low” by Flo Rida. The song first debuted in 2007 and is by rapper Flo Rida. This song was number one on the top 100 list for ten straight weeks after its debut. The bridal party can dance into the wedding reception wearing props such as apple bottom jeans from the songs lyrics.

4. Can’t Touch This

“Can’t Touch This” is singer MC Hammers top hit from 1990. The song features MC Hammer with extremely baggy pants dancing. The bridal party can use his iconic pants and wear them as a prop as they dance into the reception hall. The wedding party can even include somebody the crowd would least expect, such as a grandparent or parent of the bride or groom, to make this fun entrance.

3. Yeah

Another popular upbeat hip hop song that is popular among wedding entrance songs is Usher’s “Yeah!” The song came out in the year 2004. The song features guests singers Lil Jon and Ludacris. “Yeah!” was at the top of the Billboard top 100 for 12 consecutive weeks.

2. We Will Rock You

“We Will Rock You” is a popular hit from the group Queen. The song debuted in the year 1977. The song is often used at sporting events to get the crowd going. The song can be used as an entrance song having each person in the bridal party do their own type of dance to the beat. Each member of the bridal party can also sport a fun type of sun glasses.

1. I’m Too Sexy

One song that never seems to get old is Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy.” The song’s theme is a fashion show, and came out in 1992. Each member of the bridal party can “walk the runway”, wearing and utilizing different props. This song is fun, upbeat and one of the best wedding entrance songs to get the crowd ready for the party to begin. There are many more songs out there for the choosing, but these ten are the top that are replayed over and over again.

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