15 Mad Libs for your Wedding

Looking for mad libs for your wedding?  These cards are an easy way to entertain your wedding guests AND for you to come away with souvenirs.

When all the hectic hustle and bustle has died down, you’re guaranteed a wonderful time sorting through all the answers you’ve gotten.

We’ve put together 15 mad libs for you to choose from or get ideas from!  And while we encourage DIY, we’ve put in vendor details when available in case you need it.


These are straight up serious mad libs.  Usually very sincere and heartfelt.  You’ll notice they follow a pattern, but the varying designs are great for ideas!

wedding mad lib pink lips

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Next up is a uniquely designed mad lib.  Very whimsical, don’t you think?

whimsical wedding mad lib

We love the colors on these mad libs.  You can customize your mad lib so that it matches your wedding colors.

wedding mad lib 8

wedding mad lib 3

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These mad libs are highly creative and entertaining!

This one looks serious, but really it’s not.  Guests can have fun messing up the bride’s vows.  The results could be totally hilarious!

stephanie wedding vow mad lib

 Here’s a how-they-met mad lib.

how they met mad lib

More fun mad libs your guests will enjoy answering!

wedding mad lib 4
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In Etsy for $15 HERE.

wedding mad lib 6

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pink wedding mad lib

Here’s a mad lib with some multiple choice thrown in!

dope wedding mad lib
Found on weddingchicks.com

A mad lib that will bring on the kisses to the party!

kissing game mad lib
from: firstdayofmylifewithyou.blogspot.com

Below is one of our favorites.  Love the design and the well-thought out words.

wedding mad lib 9
Found on stephoneystationery.moonfruit.com



You can also customize your mad lib cards so that they’re in keeping with your theme.

Here is a coffee-themed mad lib for the bride and groom who love coffee, met in a cafe, or have a coffee connection.  In Etsy HERE.

coffee wedding mad lib


Princess-themed mad lib.

princess wedding mad lib

And of course… floral. It’s actually pretty humorous too!

wedding mad lib 10

We hope our list gave you ideas for your own wedding mad lib!  Good luck!