Top 10 Styles for Wedding Cake Toppers

Everyone knows that the bride is the star of her wedding day. All eyes are on the beautiful woman who radiates happiness. When it is time for the reception, the only thing that comes close to starring next to the bride is her wedding cake. The cake is the centerpiece of the reception. Wedding cake toppers grace the top tier of these delicious confections, and fortunately for us they come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Below are ten great ideas for wedding cake toppers that will that add a loving touch to the finished cake.

10. Traditional or Vintage

For couples who have a traditional ceremony and want a cake keeping with the ceremony, there are several styles of traditional or vintage decorations for the top of the cake. This style has a bride and groom standing together in formal wedding attire. The couple adds charm as they adorn the top tier. They may be holding hands or have their arms linked. Designs vary from the bride wearing a veil and holding her bouquet to no veil no flowers.

9. Fairy Tale

For all the brides who want a fairy tale wedding, you can add a princess and prince decoration to your reception food centerpiece. For some brides, beautiful Cinderella and her Prince Charming dancing are the ultimate fairy tale couple. Another design of this happy couple have them standing by the coach or gazing into each other’s eyes. Beauty and the Beast, Belle and her Prince dancing are another design that looks charming on the top of the cake. Another option for a fairy tale wedding is a spectacular castle.

8. Initials

A simple yet elegant decoration for the top of any wedding cake are the initials of the new couple. Use just the initial of the last name if you want a more striking presentation. Letters come in various sizes and using the first initial of the bride and groom’s first names in combination with the first initial of their last name is another option.

7. Hearts

A couple can express their love for each other when they use a double heart topper as decoration. Some designs are entwined silver hearts with added crystals for glitter. Other designs are slim hearts made of small sparkly rhinestones. The hearts come in styles from curved hearts to rounded hearts. Some are connected while other designs are hearts next to each other and some are single larger hearts.

6. Silhouettes

Silhouettes make a stunning top decoration for a cake. The black silhouettes show couples in various positions from dancing to kissing. Some designs have the silhouetted couple standing on the words Mr. and Mrs. Another option is a dancing couple next to their initials. Other designs include the head and shoulders of a kissing couple in the letter O in the word love.

5. Photo

A unique idea for the top of the cake is a photo of the happy couple. Heart photo frames made of clear acrylic hold a precious photo of the couple. These heart toppers lay on one side, with the heart at an angle. The heart holds two photos back to back. This type of topper adds a modern look to any reception.

4. Handmade

A special type of topper is a handmade couple. These cute couples add a homey and down to earth feeling to the reception. They come dressed as a traditional bride and groom standing together or under an arch decorated with flowers or balloons. Other styles include the couple standing next to an initial. The custom cake toppers have different hair colors as well as different bridal bouquets in the bride’s hands.

3. Acrylic

A personalized acrylic decoration is a modern style of cake topper. Designs of the clear acrylic decorations add style when they show the couple’s name, wedding date, and initial of their last name. Some styles are square and others are heart shaped. Double hearts, initials, or zinnias adorn some designs of acrylic toppers. Other elegant styles include black and white whimsical scrolled flowers next to a block initial.

2. Humorous

Fun loving couples with a sense of humor may decide a humorous wedding cake is the way to go. The designs of decorations will have guests chuckling. From a groom dragging his bride to the altar to a bride catching her man with a fishing pole, the decorations show your lighter side. Some of the comical couples seem to be busy chatting on a cell phone. Others have the bride pulling her groom back in various ways including by the leg or shirt.

1. Romantic

Weddings say romance and a romantic decoration is a sentimental reminder of a couple’s love. Romantic designs include the groom kissing his bride as he dips her back. Another design shows the groom lifting his bride for a kiss. One design has the groom on bended knee kissing his bride’s hand. The groom carrying his bride or the couple dancing are other romantic designs.