Author: Courtney McCarthy

10 Styles of Non-Diamond Engagement Rings

Traditionally couples choose a diamond ring as a symbol of their love and promise to marry. For couples who want to stay away from traditions or who prefer other gemstones, there are other options. Several other gemstones work very well as non-diamond engagement rings. A sapphire is one popular choice and the beautiful gems come in a variety

10 Comfortable Styles of Hot Pink Heels

  When you shop for shoes for your bridesmaids, you want something that matches and compliments the dress they will wear. You want your wedding party to be comfortable on your special day. The goal is to find something everyone will enjoy wearing throughout the ceremony as well as the reception. If our colors include shades of pink,

10 Great Reasons to Use Gift Registry 360

Gift Registry 360 has been making waves in the wedding world recently, and for good reason. The website is a full service wedding registry platform with products, major brand store affiliation, and the ability to link other registries. If you’ve been thinking about setting up your registry on any other site, think again! Gift Registry