Ten Things I Included in My Registry

Creating a wedding registry is difficult because you have to include things that you want, but that your guests can afford. Often, it is a fine line of balancing the two so that you get items you can use, without overextending your guests pocket books. Of course, you want some bigger items on there too, just to make sure that if they want to spend it, you get it. Here are a few of the things that I included on my registry.

10. Books


You can never have enough books which is why I added a lot of them to my registry. One thing that is important to keep in mind is that you should name specific books and then name where to get them. This ensures that you don’t get multiple copies of the same book, that you don’t end up getting any random book, and that your guests know where to buy them. Alternatively you could add a low-cost e-reader such as a Kindle or Sony e-reader to your registry and then ask for a gift certificate or eBooks to be sent to your email address.

9. Dish Set


Unless you’re already living with your boo, or have a pretty big collection of nice dishes, then you probably need new ones. Plus, you can never really say no to a new set of dishes. Try picking out one or two sets that you like at a reasonable price and then adding them to your registry. If you look in the right places you can find a 30-40 piece dishware set for $40-$60, which is the perfect price for a medium range registry gift.

8. Wine


A bottle of wine is the perfect gift if you drink it for several reasons. The first is that wine comes at a lot of different price ranges so your guests can pick what they can afford. The second is that people generally feel good about wine, and you can always end up serving it at the wedding party if need be. If you don’t like wine you can ask for beer, or something a little stronger.

7. Cash


No one likes to ask for cash but the truth is weddings are expensive. I personally phrased mine as ‘Don’t know what to bring? Just bring cash.”. I did this for the dual purpose of hopefully getting some cash to use on the honeymoon, and to let people know that if they forget to shop, it’s okay to just hand me a few bills at the wedding.

6. Furniture


Small furniture items are usually quite affordable, but also make great gifts to ask parents for. I put a reading chair on my registry because I needed one. You can put anything on your registry from a small bed to a dining table and chairs. Your guests can choose on their own whether or not to buy it.

5. Stationary

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While stationary is pretty much out of fashion these days I personally think that it makes a beautiful gift. I asked for leather bound journals that I can use to write a diary in. You can ask for any type of stationery, including cards that you use to send out thank you notes on. Stationary is always a great gift and comes in all shapes and sizes.

4. Duvet Cover


You could also choose a quilt, a blanket, or even a snuggie, but warm items make great gifts. Consider picking out an exact item and then providing a link to it online so that your guests know exactly what you want. You can also add sheets, pillowcases, or other linens separately to your wedding registry so that different guests can buy them.

3. Cutlery Set


Cutlery and silverware are always useful so don’t be shy about adding a set to your wedding registry. I personally picked out a boxed set and then mentioned that I wanted that specific set, but you can also let your guests pick out one for you as well. Like other items I included, cutlery comes at a range of different prices so that you can pick stuff your guests can afford.

2. Small Appliances


While you might already have small appliances, you can also ask your guests for them. I personally added a blender, a new microwave, and a tea pot. You can add whatever small appliances you want, and choose any brand you want. Consider looking around, finding matched sets, or styles that you like, and adding them individually to your registry. People like buying household items to give as a gift, so you’re always good to go.

1. Food & Drink


One of the things that I added to my wedding registry was non-perishable groceries. I figured that I might not have time to shop right after the wedding, so asking for people to buy me groceries instead of a gift was the perfect solution. You can ask for specific items like tea and coffee, or even print out a shopping list for a certain amount of money and send someone shopping with it. This is an especially good idea if you can get the giver to deliver the groceries the day you get back from your honeymooon.