10 Inexpensive Engagement Party Favor Ideas

Celebrating your engagement doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are many inexpensive engagement party favor ideas that you and your fiance can make yourselves. These party favors can either commemorate your engagement date or can be used as ‘save the date’ reminders for your upcoming wedding. Favors can be quirky, sentimental, or romantic. Whichever party favor you choose, make sure you add your own special touch to it.


10. Small Glass Jar Candles

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Give your guests something fresh to smell with a gift of a small glass jar candle. If you’ve already got your colors picked out for your wedding, incorporate them by picking candles with wax that matches. Scented candles can also be chosen by the scent that matches the ambiance of your upcoming nuptials. For example, if your wedding is beach themed, incorporate candles that smell like the ocean or a warm beachy wind. These candles are inexpensive to purchase and you can even add your own custom label to the jar.

9. Mug of Joe (Coffee)

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Show your guests what a perfect blend you are by giving them a customized bag of coffee in a mug. The bag of coffee you choose can be one of your favorites discreetly disguised with a homemade label displaying your names. Mugs can be all white, or you can pick a color that incorporates the upcoming theme of your wedding.

8. ‘Mint to Be’ Peppermint Patties

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Since you and your finance are ‘mint to be’, give your guest mint peppermint patties with a printed oval label displaying your names, engagement date, or upcoming wedding date. If mint isn’t your favorite flavor, switch it up and use peanut butter cups, with the phrase ‘nuttin but love’ printed on the label. You can use all different types of candy with this idea.

7. A Jar of Honey and Tea

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Give your guests something they can use later on to soothe their tired throats from all the laughter and fun had at your engagement party. A small jar of honey with a customized label, with a tea bag attached is a thoughtful gift. Honey can be store bought or if you have local organic honey bee farmers, consider purchasing several small jars for your engagement party.

6. Heart Sparklers


Show your family and friends how sparks flew between you and your fiance by giving them heart sparklers. These whimsical favors can be attached to a piece of cardstock that has a message about how you met or simply displays your names and engagement date.

5. Small Potted Herbs


Spice up your guests lives by giving them small potted herbs or a small terracotta pot with a packet of herb seeds. Your name and commemorative engagement date can be hand painted on the pot or written on a small piece of tag paper with a piece of twine used to attached it to the pot. Offer a variety of herb or pick one herb that you love the best.

4. ‘Spread the Love’ Jam


Have your guests ‘spread the love’ by giving them small jars of jam or preserves with a homemade label displayed on the front. You can use catchy saying like ‘preserving our love’ or ‘packed with love’ on the card attached. Pick your favorite jam or preserves to share. You can also add a touch of your wedding colors to these jars by wrapping a square of fabric around the top with a piece of twine.

3. Homemade Bird Seed Hearts


Feed the birds with your love by giving homemade bird seed hearts. These are simple and easy to make. To make these bird seed hearts, buy loose birdseed, a packet of unflavored gelatin, flour, corn syrup, twine, and a heart shaped cookie cutter. Add a small cut out paper heart with your engagement date and names. These engagement party favors not only make birds happy, they’re economical too.

2. Rock Candy Favors


Just because the woman in the relationship gets a nice rock, doesn’t mean your guests can’t be showered with a rock of their own. Rock candy is a sweet treat to commemorate your engagement party. This candy comes in a variety of colors, or you can stick with the plain white to signify the diamond in the engagement ring. Wrap rock candy in inexpensive candy bags and add a pretty ribbon.

1. Homemade Engagement Cookies

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Pick your favorite cookie to make and add a cute engagement scene in icing. These cookies can be boxed in ring boxes, or placed inside a small tin. Your guests will enjoy these homemade treats made from the heart in celebration of your upcoming wedding.

The great thing about inexpensive engagement party favors is the idea of saying thanks to those who came to celebrate your happy news doesn’t have to break the bank. Any idea you choose can help set the theme of your and whichever idea you don’t choose can be used as wedding favor gifts later on.