Ten Cute Lingerie Bag Ideas for Brides

A lingerie bag can mean either a bag intended for storing your wedding lingerie, or for washing it. In either case, you can pick out something cute for your wedding. Chances are that if you choose a storage bag, you might end up keeping it for years, with your lingerie inside. Many women choose a storage bag and washing bag, while others prefer just one or the other. Because there are plenty of options, you can choose anything you like. Here are ten cute lingerie bag ideas you can choose from when picking out your bag.

10. Satin bag


A satin bag is definitely for someone who is looking for a storage bag rather than a washing bag. Satin lingerie bags can sometimes be chosen to match a dress, and might include different options such as pockets for storing specific lingerie. Satin bags usually come in white, although some might have lace overlay. However, they are hardly ever cheap. Check out some satin lingerie bags here.

9. Satchel Bag


A satchel bag is a very basic bag with a drawstring on the top. This type of lingerie bag is the most common and the most affordable. Brides can choose it for washing or for storing their lingerie, and can pick a variety of different materials and colors. Cute ideas include using a different color string at the top to contrast with the bag, and embroidering a name on it.

8. Portfolio Bag


A portfolio style lingerie bag is simply one that folds. You can usually get one from a variety of shops including Amazon, Etsy, and many bridal stores. They are a more expensive alternative to the satchel bag, but usually intended for longer term storage. Most are not intended to go in the wash.

7. Something Blue Bag


Because you’re supposed to buy something blue for your wedding, many brides choose to purchase a blue lingerie bag. There are plenty of these out there at a variety of different prices so you can usually find one that suits your needs and budget. One great option is to get a blue wash bag with a batching blue storage bag.

6. Matching His & Hers


While many men don’t really have special wedding lingerie, you can either convince your guy to get some, or just store his boxers in a bag. Chances are that even if you don’t think his underwear are special, it will make for a laugh every time you open it in the future.

5. Initialed Bag


Probably one of the best ways to go is to get an initialed or monogrammed lingerie bag. Having your name on it often makes it look better in any wedding photos, and it is specially yours for long after the wedding. Consider having either your full first name, Mrs and then your husbands last name, or just your new initials placed on the bag.

4. Embroidered Bag


An embroidered lingerie bag can include any of a number of styles including initialed, flowers, and a variety of patterns. Embroidery can be done by yourself, a family member, or a company, and you can have it custom made or simply purchase a pre-embroidered bag.

3. Handmade Bag


If you like crafts then you can always choose to make your own lingerie bag. This requires buying fabric and choosing what you want on it, but a basic bag is often one of the easiest things you can make. If you’re crafty, you can make the bag look like anything you want. Making your own bag may take a little extra time, but it saves you money and it makes the bag a lot more special.

2. Lace bag


Lace is always incredibly popular and it can serve a dual purpose. A good quality lace bag can be thrown in the wash and used to store your lingerie. Most wash bags have to be porous enough to allow water to flow through freely and lace usually qualifies. Consider high quality cottons rather than polyester, as the latter can shrink in the dryer. Alternatively, a crochet bag makes a beautiful option that is more durable than a lace bag.

1. Heirloom Bag


Chances are that your mom or grandmother had a lingerie bag too. You can consider asking them for theirs to use for your wedding. While not everyone likes this idea, a heirloom bag is a great idea for close knit families who like to keep traditions alive. Brides who like the idea but don’t have an heirloom bag available can also consider buying a good quality bag to start a tradition with.