Top Ten Worst Wedding Dresses That Will Shock Guests

Worst Wedding Dresses.A woman’s wedding day is said to be one of the happiest days of her life. She will be the center of attention getting all the expected “ooh’s and ah’s.” Guests expect to see a beautiful bride walking down the aisle in a gown fit for a princess. Some brides, however, want to wow their guests in a different way, so they find a gown that is outrageous and makes a statement. Some brides hit the nail right on the head while others fall short. Here are just a few of the top ten worst wedding dresses of all time.

10. Showing off a Baby Bump10. Showing off a Baby Bump

Some women get married because they have found themselves to be a “little” pregnant. Some will say their vows before a baby bump is visible, while others incorporate it into their nuptials. There is a huge difference between showing off the baby bump and showing off the actual bump! This particular worst wedding dress features a cutout section of the dress that shows the bump, popped out belly button, stretch marks and all. Guests will do a double take when this bride walks down the aisle.

9. Showing Too Much Cleavage9. Showing Too Much Cleavage

Most brides are generally modest when it comes to the way they dress for their wedding day. They usually find a way to dress cute and sexy all without showing too much skin. However, some brides want to show it all off on their wedding day, so they choose a style that shows off their biggest asset, which is often their breasts. Some brides even take it to the next level. This wedding dress features a traditional ball gown with one added feature, just enough fabric to cover the brides nipples. Guests should be prepared to cover young children’s eyes when this bride walks down the aisle.

8. Print or No Print?8. Print or No Print

Some brides want to stay away from some of the traditional wedding ideas such as the white wedding dress. This may be due to white generally meaning the bride is a virgin, which in todays society, a majority of couples often live together and have children so white would be out if going by tradition. A dress with print that features shapes and colors is definitely considered to be “non traditional.” Guests will be shocked as this bride walks down the aisle wondering if the dress is made from fabric, or wallpaper.

7. Themed Wedding Dresses7. Themed Wedding Dresses

Another common thing brides do during weddings is choose a theme. Among the most common themes are old fashioned, western, holiday or traditional. With a dress made of feathers though, one may only guess at what theme the bride may have been going for. The bride will walk in and guests may mistake her for a bird. As this birdie, excuse me, the bride walks down the aisle, the dress will most likely “shed” as she moves. There may even be a few sneezes heard from the crowd due to allergies. Guests will certainly have a hard time forgetting about this worst wedding dress.

6. Colored Wedding Dresses6. Colored Wedding Dresses

Some brides decide they want to wow their guests by wearing a wedding dress that is not in the traditional wedding colors. Most wedding dresses are white, ivory or champagne colored. This dress is not only pink, but features the ever so popular Hello Kitty design. The guest will wonder if it is a bride walking down the aisle, or an overgrown child.

5. Bigger and Heavier Wedding dresses5. Bigger and Heavier Wedding dresses

Brides will often choose a dress that is comfortable to them, after all they will most likely be wearing the dress for up to 8 hours or more during the day. However, some brides would rather look good then be comfortable. The bride featured in this picture is a said to be a gypsy bride and is wearing a wedding dress with 20 underskirts! According to some, many gypsy brides pride themselves on the biggest heaviest dress they can find or be made. The dress often weighs more than the bride herself!

4. Homemade Wedding dresses4. Homemade Wedding dresses

Some brides want to save as much money as possible when planning a wedding. They may go as far as making their own wedding dress. The dress featured in this picture is a nightmare. The fabric is all bunched up and wrinkly. The waist is uneven and one sleeve is longer than the other. If a bride were to walk down the aisle guests would wonder if this dress was sewn in the dark. They may have to bite their tongue when it is revealed the bride made the dress herself.

3. Wedding Dresses That Don’t Quite Fit3. Wedding Dresses That Don’t Quite Fit

Some brides believe when they put on “the gown”, it is theirs no matter what size they are. However, some brides will try and fit into a dress that really does not fit them. From the front, the bride may look like a goddess walking down the aisle. As she gets further down the aisle, however, guests may notice something is not quite right. She may have bulges of back fat that do not want to stay in the dress, even if she does.

2. Words on the Wedding Dress2. Words on the Wedding Dress

Some brides take specific words or phrases a little too far when it comes to their wedding. This dress features the word “wifey” on the brides behind. Guests will be in awe as she walks down the aisle wondering if she, perhaps for a moment, may have forgotten her role in the wedding and the words are there as a helpful reminder.

1. Food for Thought1. Food for Thought

This dress is made from donuts and frosting. Like you may be now, guests are also certain to be in total shock when this bride walks down the aisle. Maybe the bride and groom were trying to kill two birds with one stone by incorporating snack food in with the wedding? Either way, this is the worst wedding dress of all time.