10 Ideas for Your Wedding Program Wording


Each wedding is unique and special just as the couple who is getting married. Couples have many decisions to make about their ceremony and the items that they will use for their guests. Most couples use some type of program that guests are able to keep as a remembrance of the ceremony. Deciding what type of program as well as the wedding program wording is a personal choice for the couple. The program reflects the type of ceremony you have whether it is casual, formal, traditional, or a theme wedding. The wording can be anything from simple to very detailed depending on the preferences of the bride and groom. Couples can use personal ideas and thoughts to create the ideal program for their wedding.

10. Ordering or Printing Programs


One idea is choosing to print your programs at home with the use of your computer and printer. This idea works well for simple designs done on card stock. Another option is to order your programs from a local printer. You can order your programs online at one of the web sites that offer wedding supplies that include Zazzle, Exclusively Weddings, Smartpress, and Ann’s Bridal Bargains.

9. The Design


Several different designs are available for you to look at. A simple design of a single card with printing on both front and back is one idea. A traditional folded card is one popular choice for couples. Shape and size can vary from square to long and narrow depending on the preferences of the couple. Programs can be rolled into scrolls and then tied with a ribbon for an elegant touch. Another unique idea is a tri-fold card.

8. Using a Cover


If you choose one of the folded designs for your program, you will need to decide on what to put on the cover. One popular idea for the cover is a photo of the couple. Another idea is to use a monogram to personalize the cover. Some couples choose to put their names and the date on the program cover. Other items can be used to adorn the cover including bows, ribbons, and charms.

7. Special Mentions


Many couples choose to add a note about a deceased loved one. This is a personal choice for the couples and many choose to acknowledge these special loved ones. Couples often mention parents and thank them in their program. Mentioning grandparents is another idea many couples use. It is typical for couples to list their wedding party with a special mention of their relationship to the couple. Mentioning others who have helped with your cake or flowers is another idea many couples choose.

6. Font Style


The font style you choose for your program can be anything from simple type to flourished scripts. For formal weddings, couples typically choose a fancy font. Couples usually choose a simple yet elegant font for casual weddings. Printed lettering or scripted lettering comes in a wide selection so you are able to choose the ideal font for your ceremony.

5. Order of Information


You want the order of the information in your program to follow the order of the ceremony. Each couple can put as much detail into the information as they choose. A simple list of music and scriptures is one idea couples may use. Other couples choose to add everything from the prelude to the recessional. The information allows guests to follow along with the ceremony.

4. Rituals and Traditions


Many couples choose to include information on rituals they use in their ceremony in the program. This allows guests to understand what is going on. Some couples mention a tradition they have incorporated into their ceremony. A short explanation of the ritual meaning, importance, and origins is something many couples add to the program.

3. A Verse


A romantic idea to personalize the program is to include a short verse or poem. Some couples use a wedding quote by people including Martin Luther and Jessica Blade in the program. There are several biblical verses including scripture from 1 Corinthians that couples can use. Some couples use excerpts of poetry by Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, and P.B. Shelley


One important choice for your program is the color. Many couples choose a color that matches or compliments the colors used in their ceremony. The wedding program wording can be done in an accenting color. Light colors for the wording is best on darker color programs. For light color programs, you will want to use a darker color for the wording such as black.

1. Distributing Programs


To ensure guests have the program before the ceremony there are a couple of ways you can distribute the programs. One idea is to have the programs placed in a basket on a table sitting at the entrance to your venue. Guests are able to pick one up on their way to their seats. Another idea is to have the usher hand the guests a program as they show them to their seats.