10 Tips for Wedding Thank You Wording to Make it Easy for Couples to Say Thank You

10 Tips for Wedding Thank You Wording to Make it Easy for Couples to Say Thank You

Your wedding was a happy celebration with family and friends. Everyone had a great time at your reception. You honeymoon was wonderful and you are home now to start your life together. One task still stands in front of you. The thank you cards are sitting there, quietly reminding you of this task. To complete the circle of your wedding you need to come up with your wedding thank you wording that you will use for each gift. This does not have to be difficult and you can easily do this. Grab pens, something to drink, and settle in with your thank you cards as we get started on some tips to help you say just the right thing.

10. Say Thank You With Wedding Favors10. Say Thank You With Wedding Favors

You picked the wedding favors and do not want to forget a thank you to your guests to go along with them. You can find stickers, labels, or small cards to go with your favors. You do not have to add personal notes to these. You will want to have these as the first thank you for your guests in helping you celebrate your special day, so keep it simple and just thank them for coming.

9. Printed Thank You Cards9. Printed Thank You Cards

You can choose printed thank you cards if you are having a tough time with your wedding thank you wording. There are cards with verses printed inside as well as the ‘Thank You’ printed on the outside of the card. While these cards are not as personal as a card with handwritten wording, they do express your thanks. You can choose printed cards and add a personal note with your signature inside the cards.

8. Blank Thank You Cards8. Blank Thank You Cards

Blank cards work very nice because you can write a personal message inside. There are some pretty thank you cards to choose from in white or with color. Finding a nice card is all that is needed because your personal message will be the centerpiece of the cards. When thinking of what to say, just speak from the heart and use wording that will personalize it in some way.

7. Including Names7. Including Names

As you write your thank you cards make sure to include the names of the guest, do not just send out impersonal cards that start out the wording without a name. If there was more than one person giving the gift, include all names in the thank you card wording. If a gift was from a family with children, include the names of the children, even if the gift said ‘From Family’ on it. Make sure you have the correct spelling of the names. If you need help with names, you can call your parents or check out the Facebook page.

6. Thank You Cards for All Gifts6. Thank You Cards for All Gifts

Writing thank you cards for all gifts is proper etiquette. Whether it is a gift of talent or time or something tangible, a thank you should be sent. You should send a separate thank you for every gift including acts of kindness. You can send the thank you cards worded with a personal message before the wedding for gifts received early. If you send the cards early do not forget to use your maiden name.

5. Remember if Guests Attended Wedding

5. Remember if Guests Attended Wedding

When thanking your guests before thanking them for being there to help celebrate your day, remember if they were able to be there. You do not want to make a mistake and thank someone for being there when they were not able to attend. If you cannot remember, you can skip the thank you wording on their presence and concentrate on the gift.

4. Including Photos4. Including Photos

It is nice to include a photo of you on your wedding day with the thank you cards, which also helps if you can’t think of much to say since they say, and it’s true, that “pictures speak louder than words.” If you are going to do this, you do need to make sure each thank you has a photo. Make sure to send the same type of photo in each card, otherwise feelings can and will be hurt if someone realizes they did not get a photo or they just got a printed photocopy while others got photos or real photos.

3. Mention the Gift3. Mention the Gift

Make sure to mention the gift in your wording of the thank you card. Mention how you might use the item when thanking them. You can also mention where you will place it. This gives a nice personal touch to your cards.

2. Send Thank You Cards in a Timely Fashion2. Send Thank You Cards in a Timely Fashion

While there are some that say you have a year to send your thank you cards, you really should not take that long. Your wedding guests will appreciate a faster response from you. If you set a goal of getting your thank you cards sent within a month that would be acceptable to most of the gift givers. Set aside some time for completing the task and you will be surprised how fast the words come to you.

1. Personal Handwritten Message1. Personal Handwritten Message

Make sure to include a handwritten message in each thank you card. When you have printed cards, you still should write a personal note in each one. You can both work on the cards, but only one of you should sign them. You can sign with both names but only in one person’s handwriting. When wording your thank you messages, you should be sincere. Thank them for the thoughtful gift. Simple yet sincere wedding thank you wording is fine. When writing your thank you cards it really will not be the card your guests remember, it will be the sincere message you took the time to write.