10 Thoughtful Ways To Increase Guests’ Comfort On Your Wedding Day

A wedding is a wonderful celebration of love between two people, but it doesn’t mean the couple should ignore everyone else involved.

Remember when planning your wedding, your guests’ comfort should always be one of your top priorities. While your guests are obviously going to be excited to witness your union, they are also probably investing a lot of their time, effort, and money just to celebrate with you. So it’s just right to give them something that will make them feel you’re glad they came.

increase guests' comfort

Here are some things that you can do to increase guests’ comfort and keep them happy during your wedding celebration:

1. Choose The Right Venue

It seems silly to state the obvious, but some couples are making a bad selection when it comes to the wedding space. With all the excitement and emotions that come with planning a wedding, this becomes pretty common. But if you really want to increase the comfort of your guests, then you should plan carefully before finally deciding on a venue. Make sure that the venue is large enough to accommodate your guests wherein they can move around comfortably.

2. Provide Their Basic Needs

Aside from the space, it’s also crucial to ensure that there are enough restrooms, good parking, and proper ventilation in the venue. Wherever you’re planning to celebrate the big day, outdoors or indoors, these amenities are important. They not only keep the place look great and clean, but they also increase everyone’s happiness and convenience.

3. Have Backup Plans Ready

Always have a contingency plan to ensure everyone’s comfort. This is especially true if you’re having an outdoor wedding event, wherein the weather can be unreliable. So it makes sense to have tents, enough water, heaters, enough electricity supply, or alternative location available, in case an unexpected event happens. Having these things on hand may seem expensive, but they could definitely save your day.

4. Give Your Guests Welcome Gift Bags

Most of your guests (if not everyone) have definitely come a long way just to attend your party, so it’s only right to do something to take away their weariness after a long day’s travel. One simple way to do that is to give them a welcome gift bag that is full of special goodies. Welcome gift bags don’t have to be expensive and elegant – just some candies, snacks, or useful freshen up items.

5. Serve A Variety Of Foods

Good food is one of the things that are always remembered in parties, so make sure that there is enough food to be served at your wedding venue. It’s also important to carefully plan the food menu so that your guests will have different options to choose from. Because you do not know each one’s food preference, so it is important to provide alternatives.

6. Have More Than One Beverage

Aside from preparing different menus, another great way to increase guests’ comfort is providing a variety of beverages. When it comes to parties, it’s important to include both an alcoholic beverage and non-alcoholic drinks to accommodate everyone’s taste.

7. Arrange Different Stations, Bars, Or Booths

In this modern age, arranging stations and booths are really getting popular. While these services may mean adding extra expense, for many, these things are a great addition to weddings. Putting drink stations, food bars, or photo booths provide a great place for your guests to cool down, enjoy, or communicate with others.

8. Keep Your Guests Entertained

If there’s one thing that you don’t want to happen during your wedding, it is having your guests leave early because they are bored. So carefully plan a program to keep your guests entertained during the whole wedding celebration. Options can include inviting a band, a wedding singer, or an orchestra to play at your party, or asking everyone to dance at the dance floor. You can also organize some activities to raise your guests’ energy levels, such as dance numbers, mini-games, and karaoke sing-a-long.

increase guests' comfort

9. Take A Moment To Speak With Your Guests

Sure, it may be impossible to get a chance to have a long talk with everyone at your wedding, but at least try to grab a chance to say something sincere (even a short note) to each guest. The thing is they’ve come a long way just to see how happy you are that you’re finally settling down, so make an effort to personally thank them for coming.

10. Give Them Thank-You Gifts

Giving thank you gifts or wedding favors are pretty common, but they are still important in weddings. Giving your guests something before they leave makes them feel special. Also, it’s one way to make them feel how grateful you are for being there during the most important day of your life.

Which of these tips are you planning to include on your upcoming wedding? Or do you have any other ideas on how to increase guests’ comfort? We would love to hear them!