Top 10 Enchanting Low Profile Engagement Rings That Sparkle

low profile engagement ringsYour engagement ring is something you will wear for the rest of your life. It is one piece of jewelry that you will wear for everything you do. As much as you will love any engagement ring your love gives you, a low profile engagement ring can be a wonderful choice. The stone sits lower so it will not catch on everything. Athletes and women with very active lifestyles many times wear low profile rings for this reason. The rings are enchanting and sparkle even with the setting lower. There are several different types of engagement rings with low profile settings and each of them is beautiful.

10. Traditional Solitaire10. Traditional Solitaire

Nothing says love like a beautiful diamond engagement ring. The solitaire diamond ring has a traditional look. The low profile setting can be in either white gold or yellow gold. The sparkling solitaire will shine on your finger.

9. Low Profile Halo9. Low Profile Halo

Adding a double halo of diamonds to the center diamond give this ring extra sparkle. The center stone is surround by a circle of diamonds with a larger halo surround that one. Diamonds also are set in the band. They are on each side of the center stone going down the sides of the band for a charming look. Even with the addition of the halo, this ring has a simple style.

8. Low Profile Bezel8. Low Profile Bezel

Another simple style with a traditional look is the low profile bezel style ring. The center diamond is nestled in at the top of the band. You will have a diamond that shines on your finger yet will be comfortable to wear. The band has a finish that shines.

7. Lots of Sparkles7. Lots of Sparkles

For lots of sparkles with extra stones this low profile ring has it all. You have a center diamond surrounded by a halo of diamonds. Three pear shaped diamonds are on each side of the halo. There are diamonds gracing the sides of the band. You will have a stunning engagement ring that has a low profile setting with extra sparkle to shine on your finger.

6. Elegant Details6. Elegant Details

If details are what you like this engagement ring has charming curls designed on it. The large center diamond is low profile but looks raised. The band has curls inside it under the center stone making it appear to sit higher. The sides of the band have curled lines giving the ring an interesting unique look. There is beading around the diamond for a look that is sure to draw attention.

5. Stars That Shine5. Stars That Shine

For an engagement ring with a very unique look, you may like this ring with stars. The stars shine on either side of the center diamond. They are set into the band that has grooves to hold the stars that seem to fly up to the diamond. To match the stars in your eyes this ring will shine and sparkle on your finger.

4. Square Diamonds4. Square Diamonds

For a traditional look with a twist, you may like a square diamond as your center stone. This engagement ring has a center square cut diamond. On each side of the center stone are two more square diamonds. The side diamonds are different sizes so the one furthest from the center is the smallest. The low profile square cut diamond ring will glow on your finger.

3. Truly Modern Style3. Truly Modern Style

For a truly modern style engagement ring that is low profile, this ring will have people noticing it. The band is split to surround the center diamond, suspending it between each side of the band. Each side of the band on this modern ring has a line of diamonds that reach across the top. The side diamonds accent the center stone wonderfully. You will have people notice your ring when you have this modern ring on your finger.

2. Marquise Vintage Style

2. Marquise Vintage Style

The marquise center diamond is exquisite on this vintage style engagement ring. The diamond dazzles from the center with the details of the band as a backdrop. The band has graceful cutouts that swirl down the sides. There is a delicate scallop along both sides the swirling lines in the band. The vintage style of this low profile ring is sure to delight you as you wear it.

1. Vintage Style Blue Diamond1. Vintage Style Blue Diamond

For a vintage look with a cool tone, this low profile engagement ring has a sparkling blue diamond as the center stone. There is scrolling designs that are under the stone on the band. Each side of the band has diamonds that travel downward on either side of the blue diamond. The beading around the stones adds a touch of old time charm.