Top Ten Lace Wedding Gowns for Any Time of Year

Top Ten Lace Wedding Gowns for Any Time of YearLace wedding gowns are becoming popular in today’s culture once again. You can still be modern in your dress choice, but also incorporate some old school style to the wedding. There are many styles that fit better in a certain season. The lace on the dress can cover the entire dress or just a portion, it is up to your specific taste.

10. Long Sleeved Winter Lace Wedding Gowns10. Long Sleeved Winter Lace Wedding Gowns

The most common wedding gown with lace that can be worn during winter is one involving long sleeves. This particular dress features a modest look with the lace. The lace shows has intricate detailing of flowers on the arms and and chest are. The lace is directly sewn as one piece with the wedding gown.

9. Winter Wedding Gown with Lace Jacket9. Winter Wedding Gown with Lace Jacket

A winter wedding gown with a lace jacket is perfect for a bride who wants a bit of lace, but nothing overwhelming. The bride can wear the jacket during the ceremony and for pictures, then take it off for the reception. Going with the theme of winter, the jacket can be either long sleeved or three quarter sleeved. The jacket can reach the waist or the middle of the brides back.

8. Off the Shoulder Lace Gowns8. Off the Shoulder Lace Gowns

Another winter gown dealing with lace is an off the shoulder lace wedding gown. The off the shoulder look is elegant and shows enough skin, but remains modest. The lace can be simple or detailed depending on the brides particular style. The lace can either be heavy to hide more skin or light to be a bit more see through.

7. Strapless Lace Spring Wedding Gown7. Strapless Lace Spring Wedding Gown

A great style for a spring wedding is a strapless wedding gown made of lace. The neckline can be sweetheart, v-neck or scoop. This particular dress is a ballgown style with lace beading found down the skirt. Many brides believe the lace needs to stay at the top of the dress but small amounts on the skirt make for an elegant dress.

6. One Shoulder Lace Wedding Dress for Spring6. One Shoulder Lace Wedding Dress for Spring

A one shoulder lace wedding dress is a perfect type of gown for spring. This particular dress features a dropped waist mermaid style wedding gown. The lace for this dress is featured on the one strap and falls down to the drop waist. The lace is more sheer on the shoulder and becomes heavier as it travels down the dress for a dramatic effect.

5. Lace Gown with Capped Sleeves Perfect for Spring5. Lace Gown with Capped Sleeves Perfect for Spring

A lace wedding dress with capped sleeves can feature any type of neckline. The most popular is square neckline for this type of sleeve. This dress features the capped sleeves done completely in lace. The lace is heavier and stays this way down the bodice and flares out to a mermaid style for the skirt.

4. Short Lace Summer Wedding Dress4. Short Lace Summer Wedding Dress

Summertime is perfect for a short wedding gown in lace. This dress is knee length and features a sweetheart neckline. Included in this style is a lace appliques on the bodice and top of the dress. The appliques are also included on the hem of this dress. The dress has a high waist which would make the bride to appear taller.

3. Short, Strapless Lace Gowns are Great for Summer3. Short, Strapless Lace Gowns are Great for Summer

This particular short strapless lace wedding dress features a knee length a-line style skirt. The dress showcases lace appliques on the top and bottom of the dress. There are random patterned appliques cascading down the front and back of the gown. The gown also features an asymmetrical lace draping around the waist.

2. Three Quartered Sleeved Lace Dresses for Fall2. Three Quartered Sleeved Lace Dresses for Fall

A lace gown with three quarter sleeves is perfect for any bride in a Fall wedding. This dress features a tight three quarter sleeve around the elbow. The dress features an open back style with an a-line skirt. The top of the dress style is v-neck. The lace on this dress covers the entire dress, included dyed lace for a belt.

1. Lace Overlays for All Seasons1. Lace Overlays for All Seasons

The most popular way to wear lace on a wedding dress is with an overlay. A lace overlay can cover just the arms and bodice area or travel down the entire length of the dress. The overlay can be shear or have heavier lace depending on the style of the gown. Some brides will take lace from a mother or grandmothers dress and incorporate it into their dress for a personal effect.