Wedding Colors: 25 Wedding Color Combos You’ve Never Seen

Try one of these fresh wedding color combinations for a style that’s anything but bland.


Rust + Copper + Aqua

Good for: Vintage fall weddings

Tips for pulling it off: Prevent rust and copper details from looking muddy by mixing in a bright, fresh color like aqua.



Wine + Mauve + Blush

Good for: Vintage garden weddings

Tips for pulling it off: Dress up this feminine color palette with crystal or pearl details, or dress it down with rustic fabrics like burlap and faded handkerchiefs.



Gold + Silver

Good for: Formal winter weddings

Tips for pulling it off: Whoever said you shouldn’t mix your metals? This glittery mix adds a punch of style to any affair. Use a variety of textures — from crystals to ruffles — to keep things from looking too two-dimensional.



Powder Blue and Plum

The best part about these colors is how surprisingly translatable they are. Push the deeper plums if you’re having a formal ballroom wedding, or wash your reception in powder blue and little splashes of dark purple for a more casual vibe.



Red + Navy + White

Good for: Backyard summer weddings.

Tips for pulling it off: To avoid an overly patriotic spin, opt for saturated shades like ruby, navy, and eggshell.



Blush + Silver + Cream

Good for: A romantic afternoon wedding.

Tips to pull it off: Mix in metallic hues to keep the look from getting too girly.



Gunmetal + Pewter + Silver

Good for: A modern backyard wedding.

Tips for pull it off: Prevent color boredom by using a variety of textures and shades of gray.



Kelly Green + Lime Green + Cream

Good for: An outdoor spring wedding.

Tips for pull it off: Keep the look clean by using natural shades (no electric green here!).



Tangerine + Orange + Yellow

Good for: A modern summer wedding.

Tips for pulling it off: Incorporate white backdrops and simple table settings so your guests aren’t overwhelmed with color.



Turquoise + Aqua + Mint

Good for: A waterfront wedding.

Tips for pulling it off: Don’t be afraid to mix and match, but keep the hues in the same color family for a uniform look.



Yellow + Gray + Silver

Good for: A modern fall wedding.

Tips for pulling it off: Pair with clean lines, graphic prints, and industrial-style details to keep the look contemporary.



Fuschia + Purple + Indigo

Good for: Garden weddings in the spring.

Tips for pulling it off: Choose rosier shades of purple to keep the colors from getting too dark, or pair with gray for a more masculine look.



Black + Pale Green + White

Good for: A formal spring wedding.

Tips for pulling it off: Keep your wedding colors from looking too stark by swapping out bright white for creamier or gray-tinted hues.



Hot Pink + Orange + Purple

Good for: A fun, low-key wedding.

Tips for pulling it off: This many bright colors can get out of hand if applied incorrectly, so streamline your look with regimented patterns like stripes.



Chocolate + Brown + Cream

Good for: A formal winter wedding.

Tips for pulling it off: Give these neutral colors a dressier feel by incorporating glittery metallic shades like gold and bronze.



Aqua + Red + Tan

Good for: Retro-inspired weddings.

Tips for pulling it off: Don’t take this look too seriously — mix in fun details like cheeky signage and low-key late-night snacks.



Purple + Navy + Green

Good for: After-dark garden weddings.

Tips for pulling it off: Use a few shades of each color (like eggplant, lavender, and violet) to give your decor an organic, fresh-cut vibe.



Red-Orange + Aqua + Yellow

Good for: Alfresco summer weddings.

Tips for pulling it off: Embrace a fiesta vibe by picking bold shades and patterns for your reception decor.



Teal + Orange + Cerulean

Good for: Beach or destination weddings.

Tips for pulling it off: If you do wed by the sea (and even if you don’t!), accent your decor with ocean-inspired details like starfish or shells.



Chocolate + Green + Gold

Good for: Rustic, forest-inspired weddings.

Tips for pulling it off: Keep your colors from looking too camo-inspired by opting for elegant patterns and formal details like crystals or candlelight.



Black + Orange + Tan

Good for: Outdoor fall weddings.

Tips for pulling it off: Choose formal details, like chic bridesmaid dresses and glitzy wedding cupcakes, to keep your reception from looking like a Halloween party.



Black + Pink + White

Good for: Indoor evening weddings year-round.

Tips for pulling it off: Blow out the formal theme with romantic flowers (think peonies or anemones), damask patterns, and calligraphed stationery.



Aqua + Yellow + White

Good for: Low-key spring weddings.

Tips for pulling it off: Avoid a juvenile look by incorporating modern details, like crisp blooms, acrylic vases, and bold patterned stationery.



Navy + Yellow + Gray

Good for: Summer city weddings.

Tips for pulling it off: Give your wedding an urban edge by mixing these colors with classic wedding party attire and crisp monogrammed details.



Tangerine + Lime + Chocolate

Good for: Modern summer weddings

Tips for pulling it off: When you’re playing with citrus hues this bright, it’s a good idea to temper them with a neutral like chocolate brown, crisp khaki or creamy ivory.

Source: The Knot