Author: Catherine Dobben

10 Places to Find Wedding Koozies

Most couples look for something unique yet useful as a gift for their wedding guests. One fun idea for your guests is wedding koozies. Most people drink something from a can and would use the item to keep their drink cold. Koozies also keep the cans from sweating all over so they are truly useful

10 Styles of Moissanite Engagement Rings

When shopping for engagement rings, there are several types of gemstones to consider besides the traditional diamond. The stones in moissanite engagement rings have a different type of brilliance than a diamond because there are different faceting patterns for each stone. Natural moissanite is rare because it is a naturally occurring mineral found in meteors. Stones of this

10 Colorful Options for Moissanite Rings

When you are shopping for a ring, you have several types of stones to consider. Moissanite offers an alternative to diamonds with its sparkling brilliance and stunning appearance. What the beautiful stones offer in comparison to diamonds is enhanced because the stones are less expensive than the real thing. Moissanite rings are made with the laboratory made stones

Top Ten Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold is the color of choice for many women, and men who think their girlfriends will like its rosy pink hue can choose from a number of rose gold engagement rings. Whether for the girly girl, the lover of all things pink, or the true romanticist, rose gold is a symbol of love, and