The Ten Best Wedding Thank You Wording and Sayings

It is tradition and good manners to send out thank you notes for gifts received at your wedding or bridal shower. Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with the appropriate wedding thank you wording to use for each thank you note. There are many resources available to help you find the perfect thank you note and the right wedding thank you wording, often in a one stop shop. Here are some of the best resources online.


10. Thankster


If you haven’t heard of Thankster, then the site getting ready to take over your world with the easy thank you cards that they stuff, stamp, and mail for you. The great thing about Thankster is that you can type your notes in your own handwriting and the note will look 100% authentic, just like you wrote it. If you are looking for the right wording for your note, Thankster can help you with that too. They give a cool tutorial on how the process works and can help you figure out what to say.

9. Martha Stewart Weddings


Martha Stewart Weddings gives a great tutorial with tips on how to write thank you notes. She tells you what you will need, how you should organize, what time frame they should be sent in, and what the message should say. She even gives you pointers on what to say if you received cash or a present.

8. Storkie


Storkie is a new, up-and-coming invitations website that helps you to pick the perfect design, and customize your wording if you can’t find the right thing to say, and has a very fast turnaround of about 1-2 business days. They have all types of wedding thank you wording options on their thank you notes including funny and traditional and everything in between.

7. The Knot


The Knot has a complete guide to wedding thank you wording options. They give lots of expert examples to help get the creative juices flowing so that you can create thank you notes for gifts you received from your bridal registry, a cash gift, or even a wedding gift you might not have really liked. They also give great tips and tricks on getting through the monotony of writing wedding thank you notes. The Knot also tells you about things to stay away from when writing a thank you note and wording you should not use.

6. Bridal Guide


The Bridal Guide has a list of the top ten thank you note mistakes that you should not make. This comprehensive list was put together by the very knowledgeable wedding editors at Bridal Guide. Reading through the list is helpful so you do not repeat the same mistakes that others have. Some of items on the list are a little outdated, but most of the suggestions you can put to good use.

5. Lil Duck Duck


Lil Duck Duck offers custom cards for your beautiful moments. The website seems to be geared more towards baby showers at first glance but once you look around a little, you will see the tremendous variety of cards offered. Lil Duck Duck has a wedding thank you wording ideas page dedicated to numerous ideas you can use for your own thank you notes. You can also choose to order photo thank you cards off of their website, but it is not necessary in order to use the free thank you wording found at:

4. Shutterfly


Shutterfly offers affordable and elegant personalized wedding thank you cards. They allow you to personalize them or they can help you to find the right wedding thank you wording or sayings you might be looking for. If you would rather have the cards printed by Shutterfly, and then left blank, they will do this also and ship them to you for handwritten notes to be added.



Wondershare is known for their ‘wonderful software, wonderful life; slogan and usually they hold up to it. They are a multimedia company that has begun to branch out into the wedding business. They have a cool scrapbook studio where you can make creative thank you cards and they also offer lots of suggestions for thank you card wording for all sorts of scenarios.

2. Pinterest


Pinterest is a website that is used to organize and share things you love. If you are really stuck on what to say in your thank you cards, or would like to use an inspirational quote or wise words in your card, then Pinterest most likely has it. You can browse the many boards available to find just the right wedding thank you wording you have been searching for.

1. Wedding Paper Divas


The Wedding Paper Divas offer some of the most unusual and creative wedding thank you cards on the market. They also offer tips of wedding etiquette and point you in the right direction for tips of wedding thank you wording and sayings that are perfect for your thoughts.