Top 10 Fabulous Wedding Cakes with Fountains to Add Style to Your Reception

wedding cakes with fountainsYour wedding day is special. All parts of the day are full of happy memory making moments. You as the bride are the star of the day, along with your new husband. Your reception will have one very important star besides you, and that is your cake. You can choose one of the many wedding cakes with fountains to amaze your guests. The fountains make the cakes look fabulous and will be add a magical touch to your reception. Adding your wedding colors to the cakes will make them unique.

10. Fairy Tale Castle10. Fairy Tale Castle

Because you are the princess of the day, you deserve a fairy tale wedding cake complete with a castle. This cake is two tiers set upon pedestals with a shining fountain beneath. The castle sits on top of the top layer with a horse drawn carriage in front waiting for the princess. Two cakes on shorter pedestals sit to the side of the taller pedestals. One cake sits in front on the table. Steps come down from the bottom cake on the tall pedestals to the two side cakes. From the side cakes, the steps go down to meet on the front cake. This fairy tale vision will enchant all your guests.

9. Balanced Beauty9. Balanced Beauty

This work of art is balanced just right. The center cakes are atop high pedestals, three caked all on pedestals. A happy bride and groom stand on top of the highest tier. The brightly lit fountain is under the tall pedestals in the center. On each side are two cakes with pedestals between them. Steps coming down from the bottom cake of the center three to the top cakes on each side. Flowers decorate this balanced beauty.

8. Angels and Hearts8. Angels and Hearts

This breathtaking all white wedding cake has a touch of pink in the fountain. The majestic cake has three layers on top of high pedestals. Two layers together and one above on more pedestals. The fountain sits under the tall pedestals in the center of six heart shaped satellite cakes. Angels and bells decorate this romantic cake. The frosting is all white as are the angels and bells. The fountain has a hint of pink to add a bit of color.

7. Wedding Party Cake7. Wedding Party Cake

This wedding cake highlights the entire wedding party. The bride and groom are at the top of the three-tiered cake, which sits on high pedestals. A fountain is under the pedestals. To one side are three more cakes. Two of the three have pedestals between them and the third sits in front of those. Steps coming down from the top tier of the layered cakes show the wedding party descending. The steps go from the top cake to the top side cake and from the side cake to the one in front. Roses are the main flower of decoration on this cake.

6. Candlelit Charm6. Candlelit Charm

A wedding cake highlighted with candles adds romance to your reception. Three cakes, tow layered and one above on pedestals, sit high on the table on tall pedestals. The lit fountain centers underneath. To the side are more cakes that form a semicircle around the main cake. Each of these satellite cakes is a bit shorter as they form the arc. Pedestals separate some and the front is on the table. Forming another semi-circle around the side cakes are lit candles that have a soft and romantic glow. Pink roses decorate the cakes adding more romance.

5. Blushing Pink5. Blushing Pink

Pink is the blushing color that radiates from this wedding cake frosted in white. Three tiers are placed upon tall pedestals. Each tier is decorated with pink roses. Beneath the pedestals is a fountain with pink lighting. Placed around the center tiered cake are five round satellite cakes that have pink roses and white flowers for decoration. The pink used to decorate and the pink glow from the fountain has a blushing quality.

4. Simple Elegance4. Simple Elegance

This wedding cake is simple yet elegant. Three tiers sit atop round pedestals, with a final fourth tier at the top with the bride and groom. The fountain is centered under the pedestals and glows with a warm pink light. Roses trail down the tiers of the cake in a graceful line. More roses in pinks are used to highlight the cake. This cake proves you can use a fountain with a smaller cake.

3. Square and Round Mixed3. Square and Round Mixed

A unique look in a wedding cake is this square and round mixture. The bottom cake is square with the fountain in the center. Pedestals separate each tier. Above the bottom square cake is a round cake that holds the bride and groom. Two square cakes are tiered above the round cake. The cake is decorated in white frosting with designs of swags and beads. Flowers complete the decorations.

2. Staircase Above the Cake2. Staircase Above the Cake

For large weddings, you may need a larger cake. This wedding cake is large with a fountain on top of the base cake. The base is oblong with a lit fountain centered on top, nestled in flowers. To each side is a round cake atop short pedestals. From each of these cakes, going up, is a staircase where the bride and groom are at the top. There is a semi-circle cake in front with the couple’s names. This cake shows a unique design for a large cake.

1. Fountain in the Center1. Fountain in the Center

An unusual design puts the fountain in the center of the cake tiers, and due to it’s unusual and amazing design we give this wedding cake with a fountain a number one in our book. This fountain in the wedding cake is different. There are two tiers of cake with the lit fountain sitting on them. Pedestals surround the fountain and support the next tier above. One smaller tier sits on pedestals above that and holds the bride and groom. The frosted cake is decorated with flowers and flowers surround the cake on the table.