Top 10 Unique Peacock Wedding Centerpieces For A Beautiful Wedding Day

A new hot trend at weddings is to have peacock wedding centerpieces on each table at the reception. These pieces can all be very different and unique. The blue, green and brown colors in the feathers make a great theme. The bridesmaids can wear one of the colors and decorations can be placed to set these pieces off. The peacock centerpieces listed below are all ones that can either be made or bought and will make the event look very elegant.

Here are top 10 unique peacock wedding centerpieces.

10. Simple Yet Elegant Peacock Centerpiece10. Simple Yet Elegant Peacock Centerpiece

Here you have a medium to tall vase with some white sand at the bottom. Place a few peacock feathers in the vase and fan them out a bit. Then wrap the vase with ribbon that matches the wedding colors. These could be the colors that groomsmen and bridesmaids are wearing. It is small and will not be an obstacle for people to see each other around the table.

9. An Eye Popping Peacock Wedding Centerpiece9. An Eye Popping Peacock Wedding Centerpiece

For this peacock feathered centerpiece, you will need a small necked tall vase. These can be painted white like they are shown in the picture or left clear. Then place many peacock feather in the vase, along with some bright colored feathers next to it. Also place a smaller bowl and and put bulbs in it that match the wedding colors to give the vase a side kick.

8. Tall And Proud Centerpieces8.  Tall And Proud Centerpieces

This wedding centerpiece made with peacock feathers is tall and very luxurious looking. It is a very tall vase with many peacock feathers fanned out. Underneath it there are many candles. These candles bring light up to the feathers and give them a beautiful glow. This is perfect for a dimer reception look.

7. A Simple And Different Peacock Feather Centerpiece7.  A Simple And Different Peacock Feather Centerpiece

This is another feathered centerpiece that will be in a tall vase. In this image they have placed clear beads at the bottom. Then they placed a mix of flowers and peacock feathers to give it a simple, yet beautiful look. This is another piece that works well at a wedding since it is skinny and tall, because there is not any obstruction on view for the guests sitting at the table.

6. Playful Centerpiece for a Playful Wedding6. Playful Centerpiece for a Playful Wedding

If you want a pretty glow at your wedding, then sticking some waterproof L.E.D. lights at the bottom of a vase, and adding some dye to the water, will give the desired look. Also, lined up feathers at the bottom and small candles around the base of the vase will make it even lovelier. Stick a few peacock feathers in the vase with a few other plants and you have a pretty centerpiece for your playful wedding.

5. Small And Colorful Center Table Piece5. Small And Colorful Center Table Piece

Sometimes having a small table centerpiece can be the best. It is nothing to over the top and still gives a pretty look. With a smaller vase you can go for something a bit different. A short and square one for instance is nice for a less traditional wedding. It is filled with many full flowers and then only has one peacock feather sticking out a bit more than the flowers. Nothing better than keeping it simple and elegant at the same time.

4. Centered Tropical Oasis4.  Centered Tropical Oasis

This peacock wedding centerpiece look is very tropical looking. It will look great in a clear skinny vase with lots of peacock feathers on the bottom half and then a few peacock feathers on the top. This is a bushy looking piece that is full of fun and bounce. The colors are soft but yet vibrant.

3. Floating Candles & Feathers Centerpiece3. Floating Candles & Feathers Centerpiece

If you want to keep candles in your theme, then this is a great piece. For this pretty wedding centerpiece you will have a variety of small vases filled with water. Then add clear marbles at the bottom and some tropical color flowers and a small peacock feather in them. Top it off with a floating candle and you have an elegant and simple peacock centerpiece.

2. A Glowing Centerpiece for Your Guests Tables2. A Glowing Centerpiece for Your Guests Tables

For this one you will need to find a black iron candle holder with a clear and tall vase in the center. Inside of the vase will be a pretty bouquet with a couple of peacock feathers. On the sides, there are different colored candles. Once lit they will give your centerpiece an elegant glow.

1. Candle Lit Feathers1. Candle Lit Feathers

A small centerpiece is a great for someone on a budget. This wedding table centerpiece can be made easily using a small vase placed on a mirrored square. Add a variety of plants, pines and ribbons. Take a couple matching tall candles and insert a few peacock feathers on the side. This is stunning look that everyone will love to look at while enjoying your wedding.