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10 Online Locations for Photo Wedding Invitations

Choosing invitations for your special day will have you looking at various designs and styles. You will find everything from casual cards to formal and elegant engraved cards. Your choice will depend on several things including the type of ceremony you are planning and personal taste. Many couples decide on photo wedding invitations for their guests. This is

10 Wedding Essentials From eInvite

From the moment you become engaged, there are announcements to be made and invitations to be sent for various functions. Having one place to find everything you need each step of the way until your big day makes things easier for you. An online web site such as eInvite allows you to browse for all

The Ten Most Innovative Pocket Wedding Invitations

Pocket wedding invitations are unusual and innovative at the same time. These invitations usually feature a cardboard envelope that can function as a pocket for keeping any invitations, papers, or notes for the wedding so that the guest can keep everything together. Pocket invitations can range from traditional type invitations to flower shapes to wrapped