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The Ten Most Awesome Camo Formal Wedding Dresses For a Country Wedding of Your Dreams

If you’re southern bride-to-be, or just have that “little bit country” in you, then a camo wedding dress may be just your style. Your first thought may be though that camo at a wedding will be simply awful, something you’d see on some youtube video that included multiple broken down cars, dead deer carcasses tied

Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Stephen Yearick Wedding Dress

Stephen Yearick is known for his fabulous, stunning designs. He typically works with white and ivory lace to create elegant dresses that any bride would be proud to wear. Yearick himselfs says that he designs dresses with the intent of creating a story for the bride in a dress that complements and flows around her figure. Unfortunately, Stephen Yearick

Top Ten Beautiful Country Wedding Dresses for a Rustic Wedding

Most traditional weddings are held inside in a church or other official type of building. However, many people are opting for a more non-traditional, rustic, country-style wedding. For the bride, this usually means that she has to find the perfect wedding dress that will fit into an outdoor, rural, country wedding setting. Below, we have